The pride of being the FIRST in Italy with international certificate TA8011903753 and TA8021903754

Optima Bio is 100% COMPOSTABLE!

The New Lovely Touch

The new Optima line offers a complete tableware set, from the napkins in different sizes to the tablecloths and runners.





Biological and ecological

Why bio and eco?

Think about the importance of water as a precious resource, to be protected and not to be wasted.
Washing a cotton napkin is certainly less eco-friendly, since you need water to wash it as well as detergents and bleaches to make it reusable.
And all that is less environmentally friendly and more polluting!

The Optima disposable napkin is certainly the right solution to that.

Like a cloth napkin, the Optima napkin will always be perfect and flawless.

And after removing your tablecloths and napkins from your table, you can also reuse them, if you want, to clean your kitchen.

Obviously, according to the law it takes even the official certificate.

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